Aquatherm Technologies, a water sustainability technology company, announces the appointment of a new CEO

Pittsburgh, PA, USA – Today, Aquatherm Technologies, LLC, a spinout created by Green Swan Partners for commercializing GTI’s patented Transport Membrane Condenser (TMCAqua) technology globally, announces the appointment of Santiago Ulloa based in Madrid, Spain as CEO. Santiago is an expert in the energy, industrial, environmental and rail transport sectors in emerging markets. Previously, he served as CEO and President of GE Venezuela and President of Alstom Venezuela. He was also the Chairman of the Federation of European Chambers of Commerce in Venezuela and Conseiller de Commerce Exterieur de la France. 

TMCAqua is a patented, nano-coated ceramic tube that yields 5-15% energy savings and recovers 40% of the moisture in hot, humid gas streams. Applications include package gas boilers, chemical and food processing plants, and laundromats. On a typical 300 HP package boiler, this technology can recover as much as 0.5 MM gallons of water per year.

“The TMC technology is an ideal solution that can help corporations achieve their ESG goals today and get ready for the future. It not only achieves process efficiency,  it helps recover and reuse water in industrial processes, thereby alleviating the constraints on already stressed water systems,” said Santiago Ulloa. “The technology has been developed and refined for over more than a decade. I am excited to lead the team to commercial success while having a positive impact on the environment.” 

“Green Swan Partners is focused on sustainability and this technology is a great example of the kind of solutions we want to bring to the market to make a positive impact on planetary health,” said Lala Faiz, Green Swan Partners’ Chief Sustainability Officer. “Santiago brings the perfect mix of technical skills, business acumen, and commitment to our mission and we are extremely pleased to have him lead this enterprise for us.”


About Aquatherm Technologies, LLC: Established in August 2021, Aquatherm Technologies will commercialize GTI’s Transport Membrane Condenser (TMCAqua). This nano-ceramic tube is designed to promote capillary condensation of moisture on the tube surface. This is then transported through the tube wall, collected as pure water, and recycled back into the process, thus yielding water and energy savings.



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