Green Swan Partners Announces Executive Team

  • Chetan Chothani – Chief Executive Officer
  • Lala Faiz –  Group Sustainability Officer
  • Mark V. Santo – Group General Counsel
  • Anders Flensborg – Chief Commercial Officer
  • Mare Straetmans – Chief Engagement Officer
Established in 2020, Green Swan Partners (GSP) is a venture builder focused upon generating planetary health and wealth. GSP invests its time, talent, and capital in ventures which meet a critical industry need while making a positive impact upon the environment. GSP takes equity positions in these ventures and builds long-term shareholder value. “I am extremely pleased to lead this most talented executive team as we have begun to realize our sustainability and planetary health mission with the formation of two Green Swan portfolio companies in 2021. As our portfolio and our pipeline of exciting ventures continues to expand with velocity,  the founders of Green Swan have assumed these vital executive roles in order to  establish effective internal processes and governance designed to keep pace with the increasing volume of deal flow,” said Chothani. In February 2021, Ballast Technology Services (BTS), a joint venture between GSP and Bawat A/S was launched to address the spread of invasive species, a significant threat to the ecological and the economic well-being of the planet. BTS will deploy Bawat’s unique, industry-leading ballast water treatment technology in port-side applications around the world. BTS will finance and operate these mobile systems in ports and will offer contingency treatment services to vessels arriving at these ports. In August 2021, GSP announced the formation of a technology spin-out, TMCAqua which is commercializing Gas Technology Institute’s  transport membrane condenser (TMC) technology for the recovery of enthalpy and water from moisture-laden gas streams. This patented ceramic tube yields 5-15% energy savings and recovers 40% of the moisture in hot, humid gas streams. Applications include boilers, chemical and food processing plants, and laundromats. “We have launched two strong companies, have an excellent deal flow pipeline, and a global network of  alliance partners that believe in our mission. This is enabling us to achieve our vision of creating a greener, cleaner planet by developing and commercializing “hard technologies” which enable traditional industries to mitigate the impacts of climate change”, said Faiz. _ About Green Swan Partners, LLC: Green Swan Partners (GSP), established in 2020, is a venture builder focused on generating wealth and planetary health. GSP invests its time, talent, and capital in ventures that meet a critical industry need while making a positive impact on the environment. GSP takes equity positions in these ventures and builds long-term shareholder value.  _ About BAWAT, A/S:  BAWAT A/S has a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, approach to ballast water management. It utilizes onboard waste heat to treat ballast water. Founded in 2011, Bawat now offers three types of ballast water solutions to the maritime industry: a ship ballast water management system (BWMS), a mobile containerized BWMS, and an offshore BWMS. Bawat is rooted in the tradition of Danish maritime innovation. Main shareholders include the Hummer family, Self-Invest Family Office, shipping-professional Klaus Nyborg, and Danish Pension Fund, MP Pension.  _ About TMCAqua: Established in August 2021, TMCAqua will commercialize GTI’s Transport Membrane Condenser. This nano-ceramic tube is designed to promote capillary condensation of moisture on the tube surface. This is then transported through the tube wall, collected as pure water, and recycled back into the process, thus yielding water and energy savings.



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