Greenswans  Launches Two Commercial Products Primed To Help Companies With Climate Transition

(PITTSBURGH, PA) Apr. 20 GreenSwans, a climate technology company that identifies and commercializes breakthrough technologies to address the $6 trillion global climate economy, announced its first commercial launches today. The Pittsburgh-based company with a global presence has been growing quietly since 2020. Now, two of GreenSwans patented industrial technologies are primed to bolster planetary health by protecting oceanic wildlife and reducing water waste and carbon emissions.

“We’re beyond the startup phase and will end 2023 profitable,” said GreenSwans founder Chetan Chothani, who leads a team of experienced manufacturing and technology executives who have realized eight exits totaling in the billions. “Our products help companies transition their operations to be greener and cleaner, derisk their businesses, and grow their bottom lines.”

With six patents already in hand, GreenSwans’ commercialized products include a pasteurization technology from Bawat, a Danish publicly-traded company, that treats ballast water on ships and vessels. According to a maritime expert, nearly 30 percent of all ballast water discharges from floating vessels are untreated, contributing to the rise in invasive species in our oceans. New regulations set by the International Maritime Organization will require all ballast water to be treated before discharge by September 2024 – an effort to prevent invasive species from impacting waterway health, fisheries, and wildlife. This chemical-free, single-pass technology is already being used to provide Ballast Water Treatment as a service by a GreenSwans enterprise in the Port of New Orleans, Houston and Rotterdam.

The second technology to be commercialized, called TMCAqua™, recovers water and energy from hot, humid waste exhaust stacks. From industrial spray dryers used in various industries like consumer packaged goods to gas-fired boilers which include packaged boilers used in commercial and manufacturing facilities, the technology captures and returns hot water from exhaust gasses for reuse. The technology improves efficiency while reducing water usage by up to 12 percent. When applied to an average sized boiler used in a manufacturing plant, as much as 700,000 gallons of hot water can be recovered annually while significantly reducing carbon emissions. Adopters of the technology may also be eligible for various energy efficiency and water conservation grants that vary from state to state.

In addition to Bawat and TMCAqua™, GreenSwans is readying the rollout of two additional licensed products, including a technology that makes the world’s most widely used batteries – lithium-ion – fire-safe. Called Safe-Li, the breakthrough product that received a grant from Shell Energy’s GameChanger program is months away from commercialization. Safe-Li also enables fire-safe lithium metal batteries by replacing the flammable materials with non-flammable versions while maintaining performance – a revolutionary solution addressing the flammability problem at the battery design level.

“As the world speeds toward electrification to combat climate change, Safe-Li will improve the safety, reliability, and performance of battery and energy storage that powers everything from utility grids and laptops to electric vehicles,” said Chothani. “Our vision is to be a foundational leader in the global climate economy. To have two strong technologies that solve significant energy and environmental protection challenges today – and one that will be a game changer for advancing electrification – signals that we are well on our way.”


About GreenSwans

GreenSwans is a climate technology company that commercializes breakthrough transitional technologies to address the $6 trillion global climate economy. Our vision is to be a leading provider of climate solutions that transform key industries to help heal our planet. Already, two patented industrial technologies are in market and primed to bolster planetary health by protecting oceanic wildlife and reducing water waste and carbon emissions.

With a founding team that has led or built 22 companies in the industrial manufacturing, software, technology, and industrial process automation sectors – GreenSwans is uniquely suited to source, grow, and bring climate technology solutions to market.



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