Lala Faiz, one of our founders, shares her thoughts on sustainable business models

We asked Lala the following questions:

1. What motivated you to pursue a career in sustainable development?
2. How do you see Green Swan Partners playing a role in the future of sustainable development?
3. Do you see sustainability becoming an integral part of future business models even across various fields?
Here, Lala shares her thoughtful analysis on business models:

“I started my career in international development. As I traveled, observed, and learned – I came to realize that business has unprecedented power and reach. To be able to harness that power to create positive value for people and the planet is an enormous opportunity.

The team at Green Swans possesses tremendous business acumen and a strong global network that we are now capitalizing on to help create the companies of the future that place sustainability at the heart of their business strategy.
Markets that focus solely on short-term results are not in our collective interest. Short-term incentives distort behavior, creating public consequences that can undermine the long-term health of our markets, our economy, and our way of life, as we recently have seen. The good news is that business is waking up to this problem, and behavior is beginning to change. This transformation has unprecedented potential and will enable a new era of sustainable business models and economic opportunities.”



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