Contingency and Mobile Ballast Water, Protecting maritime ecosystems around the world.

These ceramic tubes are arranged in heat exchanger modules (10” X 10” X 36”), several modules are then arranged in racks and placed in hot exhaust gas streams.


Condenses and recovers available water

Heat Exchanger

Recovering enthalpy, both latent and sensible.


Filtering the recovered water to deliver clean water

New Joint Venture for Ballast Water Reception Services in US Ports

Today, BAWAT A/S (a Denmark based ballast water technology and systems provider), Green Swan Partners, LLC (a Pittsburgh, PA USA based venture builder), and Monstrant Viam, LLC (a Halletsville, TX based ballast water reception company) announced the formation of a Joint Venture, Freedom Ballast, LLC (Freedom) based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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“TMCAqua is the only technology of its kind that we know of that is designed to meet the climate needs of today and tomorrow. Water and energy are two critical, precious and limited resources across the globe, and TMCAqua helps corporations, large and small, in practicing better stewardship of these resources.”

Industrial technologies for a healthy planet.

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