TMCAqua (Transport Membrane Condenser) technology recovers enthalpy (latent and sensible) and water, in the form of hot water from waste exhaust stacks. Applications range from combustion stacks to spray dryers, process dryers and steam process stacks. Where traditional heat exchangers are not viable below 250 DegF, that is the ideal temperature for TMC to recover the low-grade enthalpy that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere. Additionally, by recovering water, TMC can alleviate water considerations in regions experiencing water shortages. TMC improves process efficiency while promoting sustainability and makes Natural Gas the ideal transition fuel.

How It Works

TMCAqua’s patented solution is based on a nano-ceramic coating that is applied to hollow fiber ceramic tubes, which when placed in hot, humid gas streams condenses moisture via capillary condensation and further filters it through the membrane delivering clean, hot water at 175 DegF. This water can then be directly reused in the process thereby improving energy efficiency. Applications range from boilers used in diverse industries like CPG, Food, Chemical and pharmaceutical to industrial dryers, particularly spray dryers used in these industries.

Planetary Benefit

TMCAqua delivers both water and energy sustainability to gas or H2 combustion processes as well as industrial drying processes. For e.g. in a typical 1000 HP gas fired boiler, TMCAqua can deliver 1.4 MM Gallons of water per year, save 16,000 MCF of Natural gas per year, improve boiler efficiency by up to 15% and reduce carbon emissions by 1000 Tons per year. In industrial drying processes such as spray dryers, the benefits can easily be as much as 2-3 X higher than those in boiler applications.

Commercial and Industrial Gas Package Boilers

Gas fired package boilers are used in commercial applications within University and hospital systems and in Industrial applications in Food/CPG, Chemical, Refining among others. TMCAqua recovers clean hot water at 175 DegF which can be directly used as boiler feedwater or in other applications and can improve boiler efficiency to as much as 95%.

Utility Gas Boiler and Combined Cycle – HRSG systems

Some utility boilers burn natural gas to produce steam that in turn generates electricity. In recent years, some coal fired boilers have been converted to gas-fired boilers resulting in capacity and efficiency reduction. TMCAqua can be applied to these boilers and the recovered hot water can be recycled directly into make-up boiler feedwater thereby improving efficiency and also capacity, if needed. Similarly in Combined Cycle – HRSG applications, the water recovered by TMCAqua can be recycled into make-up boiler feedwater for the HRSG boiler delivering efficiency improvements. The results are further improved when H2 co-firing is applied to such gas boilers and CCGTs.

Industrial Spray Dryers

A Spray Dryer is a piece of equipment where a liquid or slurry feedstock is dried to produce a powder. The moisture contained in the liquid or slurry is evaporated into a hot humid gas stream which is then passed through a cyclone and/or baghouse and exhausted up the stack. The moisture content in spray dryer exhaust can be as high as 50% and TMCAqua can deliver water and energy recovery by up to 80%.

Paper Drying Machine

In the paper making process, the paper dryer is a critical piece of equipment where the moisture in the paper is driven out and exhausted from the stack. The moisture content of this stack is typically about 50% and TMCAqua can recover as much as 80% of the water and enthalpy contained in these stack gasses.

Did you know?

Over the past decade many coal boilers have been re-powered with gas. Such coal-to-gas conversion boilers face challenges related to capacity and efficiency since the heat transfer surfaces that were optimized for coal combustion are not designed to deliver the best results for gas combustion. Such conversions range from large boilers, wall or T-Fired to stoker boilers. TMCAqua is particularly useful in such situations where the hot water recovered can help improve and recover some of the efficiency losses.

Water and energy are increasingly precious and limited resources. TMCAqua helps corporations become better stewards of these resources and improves their bottom lines along the way.

Industrial technologies for a healthy planet.

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