Bawat Technology

Bawat’s patented pasteurization technology efficiently treats ballast water on ships and vessels for invasive species, protecting the environment and our health.

How It Works

Bawat uses a chemical-free pasteurization treatment system that filters ballast water to meet regulatory standards in a single pass. Chemical and additive free, Bawat is cost-efficient to own and operate. Bawat also provides a port-side ballast water treatment solution that removes ballast water from vessels with inoperable or non-compliant systems, treats it, and discharges it safely. The technology is already being used by a GreenSwans enterprise in the Port of New Orleans, Houston and Rotterdam, Netherlands, Europe’s largest port.

Planetary Benefit

According to maritime experts, nearly 30 percent of all ballast water discharges from floating vessels are untreated, contributing to the rise in invasive species in our oceans. New regulations set by the International Maritime Organization will require all ballast water to be treated before discharge by September 2024 – an effort to prevent invasive species from impacting waterway health, fisheries, and wildlife.

Working With You

We partner with vessel owners and operators, port authorities, regulators, and investors to finance, deploy and operate contingency ballast water and rental ballast water systems. Bawat systems are customizable and can be installed on existing vessels to meet the needs of the owner and regulations. Our treatment process minimizes disruption to the vessel and is easy to operate and maintain. Bawat is approved by IMO and US Coast Guard approved.

"We are very impressed with the Bawat ballast water management system. It has run trouble-free for over 3 years and is my preferred treatment choice." – Silvio Sawitzki, Head of Technical Department for maritime logistics firm, Oltmann GmbH & Co. KG

New Joint Venture for Ballast Water Reception Services in US Ports

Today, BAWAT A/S (a Denmark based ballast water technology and systems provider), Green Swan Partners, LLC (a Pittsburgh, PA USA based venture builder), and Monstrant Viam, LLC (a Halletsville, TX based ballast water reception company) announced the formation of a Joint Venture, Freedom Ballast, LLC (Freedom) based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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