Green Swan Partners Announces New Partner and COO, Chris Dee

Pittsburgh, PA, USA – Thursday, March 10th, 2022 – Today, Green Swan Partners LLC (GSP), Pittsburgh, PA – based venture builder announced Chris Dee as Partner and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Most recently, Chris was Partner and COO of a software company, Auction Mobility, that successfully exited to Auction Technology Group, a TA Associates portfolio company. Chris started his career with Oracle Corporation where he had sales and leadership roles for eleven years. He was the VP of Sales for Clear Standards, a carbon calculation platform that successfully exited to SAP, and then served as the Global VP of Sustainability for SAP.

“As Green Swan Partners and our portfolio companies are rapidly growing, we have a tremendous need for operation and execution power,” said Chetan Chothani, CEO of Green Swan Partners. “This is the experience and skill-set that Chris brings to the table. Chris is a force multiplier on our team and we’re extremely honored to have him join the partnership.” “I have always had a passion for this field, having spent a few years working on sustainability technology in the early 2000s,” said Chris Dee. “After my latest exit, I was contemplating the next and final phase of my career. The Green Swans model, vision, and values fit in perfectly with my desires. Green Swans has put together a next generation venture studio and have already onboarded real game changing technologies. I feel privileged and honored to join this group and look forward to changing the world. I know that sounds cliche. However, a world where lithium batteries are non-flammable, the world’s shipping needs are not destroying global ports by discharging untreated ballast water, and CPG, Chemical, Pharma, and other manufacturers can recover up to 45% of the water in their industrial processes while saving money on energy costs is a strong start.” Green Swan Partners has created three sustainable ventures focused on clean energy and clean water in the past year. These are: Bawat Technology Services, a Danish joint venture, that deploys Bawat’s patented ballast water treatment technology in a port and ship-side Treatment-As-A-Service (TaaS) business; TMCAqua, a water and energy recovery technology for hot, humid, process gas streams; and Safe-Li, a unique inorganic membrane technology that makes lithium based batteries fire safe. About GreenSwans: Green Swan Partners (GSP), established in 2020, is a venture builder focused on generating wealth and planetary health. GSP invests its time, talent, and capital in ventures that meet a critical industry need while making a positive impact on the environment. GSP takes equity positions in these ventures and builds long-term shareholder value.



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